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Save Earth- Avoid usage of Plastic bags
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Jagisa Packaging Industries- manufacturers of 100%, Biodegradable, eco friendly paper bags with Kraft paper  in different sizes and shapes and in variety of colors and shades apart from customized products as per the wishes and needs of our valued customers. Our Products can carry minimum weight of 0.5 KG to a maximum of 7 KG with a price range that suits a wide spectrum of customers. The pricing starts from as low as Rs3.00 to Rs20.00 (without printing ) for regular sizes.


The organizations CEO Ms Yamini Koganti, a dynamic lady entrepreneur whose passion for environment protection led to establishment of the industry as her contribution for the cause, employing 20 underprivileged rural women who were given all the required skill training and there by providing their families the basic human dignity of living.


We believe  that  a step, however  small it is in its size and scope, towards the right direction will ultimately  culminate in a bigger action. Having witnessed the mass abuse of plastics and its cancerous damage to human health and to the environment, we started wondering how we can put in our effort to save the environment instead of lamenting on the destruction already caused by us. Hence came the idea, which may not be a perfect solution but we do believe that we can arrest the further deterioration of the destruction by just changing the way we carry our day to day needs by switching over to paper bags.


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