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Save Earth- Avoid usage of Plastic bags
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‘’Where are we headed? What kind of a world are we creating? What will we leave behind us? There is no time for complacency. Environmental protection must be our number one priority".


  The need for the protection of environment is increasing the world over day by day. Various steps have been taken both at national and international level. But these steps and measures adopted are not sufficient to meet the menace of pollution. The rapid increase in pollution, accelerated exploitation of natural resources and industrialization, unchecked use of chemicals and pesticides etc. lead to more pollution. The gulf war threw new challenges to the champions of environmental protection movement. The dangerous impact it had on the environment and the pollution it caused would need years for even restoring the status quo. Even natural calamities like typhoon, earthquake etc. also affect environment. Destruction of environment will result in depletion of life on this Earth. The task is Himalayan, the resources are scarce. We must pool all our resources, knowledge and means to check pollution of water, air, destruction of forests and other natural resources to ensure health and life for us and for our future generations. Scientists, jurists, administrators must join their heads and hearts in this task. We started this industry with a commitment to contribute to the environment  protection as our contribution.


Ms Yamini Koganti, The CEO of the organization is a  Diplomat from the prestigious Indian School of Business and a career life Insurance Agent with many laurels and achievements, took up this mission of Environmental protection as a full time occupation that led to the establishment of Jagisa Paper bag Industries in the year  2006. After struggling to establish the industry weathering all the difficulties that are usually associated with Governmental policies and bureaucratic hassles, The industry has taken shape and started functioning and the products range and scope  was appreciated by many clients. The products started receiving wider attention and satisfied customer started recommending the same.



  A Humble Effort towards Earth’s Sustainability Designed by: SINAITECH