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Save Earth- Avoid usage of Plastic bags
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However the awareness levels of the extent of damage the plastics are inflicting are not at the desirable levels. Hence she started approaching the various government agencies for stricter implementation of Laws against usage of plastics and also started interacting with various NGOs that are working for the protection of Environment by constantly conducting workshops, seminars and other forums to educate the general public against the menace of plastics. Her efforts  have been well appreciated and received. The Industry was started with a passion for environment protection and to propagate the destructing damage  of polythene bags to our Mother Nature.
Jagisa Packaging Industries- manufacturers of 100%, Biodegradable, eco friendly paper bags with Kraft paper  in different sizes and shapes and in variety of colors and shades apart from customized products as per the wishes and needs of our valued customers. Our Products can carry minimum Weight Of  0.5 KG to a maximum of 7 KG with a price range that suits a wide spectrum of customers. The pricing starts from as low as Rs3.00 to 20.00 (without Printing ) for regular sizes.

We  manufacture 100% Bio-degradable, eco friendly paper bags using Karft paper that are of economic in pricing
High utility value
Excellent colors and wide range of products that suit every need.


"Help save the environment," Our Motto.


  • Paper bags decompose naturally with yard waste
  • Paper bags do not require the extra steps to remove plastic pieces from compost
  • Paper bags hold the same as plastic bags, but won't puncture as easily
  • Paper bags stay open for easier filling
  • Paper bags contain a component that resists water absorption

Everyone has to play a role to ensure that we reconstitute the environment so as to achieve a stable and enjoyable climate. In short, we should use paper bags for shopping, plant trees everywhere so as to avoid being confronted with adverse climatic conditions.


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